Sustainability, is it still a valuable claim? This question kicks off ROELMI HPC participation in the 2021 edition of the Master in Science of cosmetic and dermatological products at the University of Camerino. In the wake of the success achieved by the previous edition, we will explore the state of the art of the cosmetic market and the objectives at the horizon for 2025- 2030.

ROELMI HPC is more than glad to join the panel discussion exploring the world of sustainable cosmetics able to discover the power of the food industry’s byproducts, providing real examples of a virtuous sustainable Italian supply chain. Under this light we are very happy to propose ethical alternatives that enhance formula touch improving the film-forming and smoothness effect; in this context, new formulation rise for a sustainable innovation future and Celus-Bi® Feel comes forward as the brand-new solution to formulate sustainably in cosmetics, maintaining or improving all the technical performances of standard, synthetic ingredients.

We cannot forget also the contribution of BeauSens Line, with its ambassador BeauSens® PG4, the result of a perfect combination between nature and innovation. The extraction of Pelargonic Acid from sunflower seed oil, advanced technologies and exclusive manufacturing processes are here involved in the creation of this unique non-ionic surfactant. A concrete sustainable solution for various cosmetic formulas, especially for cleansing applications. A great mild surfactant, able to preserve skin natural hydration for developing new cosmetic ingredients in the light of sustainability.