We rarely realize the true importance of water and its impact on every aspect of life on Earth. From the influence it had on being central to human civilization to its importance as probably one of most, if not the most, widely used chemical agent in industrial activities, to the fact that we are mainly made of water.

The vast majority of cosmetic products contain variable quantities of water, with an average oil-in-water emulsion ranging from 70% to 80% and certain formats such as micellar cleansers featuring it at even higher concentration.

Some rightly argue that there is better use to water with an alarmingly huge number of people having little, or no, access to fresh and clean water to satisfy their basic survival needs.

Recent cosmetic trends are going towards the use of fewer ingredients as well as water-less formulae; that is products that are formulated with less water and possibly with more functional water, e.g. plant or fruit water that also delivers skin benefits.

In addition, a major focus on sustainable and circular economy principles as a way to go beyond the mere concept of “natural” is pushing formulators of cosmetic products and producers of ingredients to seek alternative sources of water.

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