Las Vegas, 6-10 November, booth #2029

Come and visit us on booth #2029 at SupplySide West 2018 and discover our latest innovation for nutraceutical applications:
New active ingredients for nutraceutical applications have been developed and will be launched during this edition

ExceptionHYAL® Jump

a biotechnological ingredient belonging to the next generation Hyaluronans, based on a specific spectrum of molecular weights. As a direct result, ExceptionHYAL® Jump does not focus on a specific molecular weight, but rather on the efficacy of a range of fractions working in synergy, just as naturally found in our body.

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SelectSIEVE® Rainbow

harmonic combination of friendly compounds. The interplay between polyphenols, fibers and enzymes provides a well-accomplished support in case of cellulitis, reduced microcirculation, water retention and increased subcutaneous fat mass. SelectSIEVE® Rainbow renovates your body shape helping you get rid of extra kg. It comes from 100% natural fruits and rice matrixes, through an Eco-sustainable process based on soft conditions. The components of every single ingredient empower one another in this unique formulation.

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At SupplySide West, ROELMI HPC will be more than glad to welcome you at the Probiotics Resource Center on November 9th @ 10:30am-11:10am to show our latest research for woman’s health.