ROELMI HPC speech at Bioeconomy dialogues: Green projects from the territory and beyond

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ROELMI HPC speech at Bioeconomy dialogues: Green projects from the territory and beyond

On february, 1st February 2018, the event “Bioeconomy Dialogues: Green projects from the territory and beyond” will be held at the headquarters of the University of Milan in Via Mangiagalli 25 in Milan.
The event is organized by UniMi in collaboration with the Lombardy Green Chemistry Association and sponsored by COWBOY, a project funded by the Cariplo Foundation.

Bioeconomy aims to guarantee future generations’ sustainable development, food security and less dependence on fossil energy sources, by transforming renewable biological resources and biodegradable waste into value-added products such as food, bioenergy, chemical intermediates and bio products. In fact, its resources offer three crucial advantages: they are potentially non-exhaustible, pollute much less than their fossil counterparts and can be produced in the territory, guaranteeing greater economic autonomy. The most innovative sector of the Bioeconomy is Green Chemistry, which represents a great ecological challenge worldwide and a great opportunity for economic recovery. Using renewable raw materials of agricultural origin, realizes a new generation of products and chemical compounds with low impact for environment and health.

ROELMI HPC will show some practical results of Green Chemistry:

Celus-BI® Esters

  • Partnership with a leading biopolymer company
  • Oils coming from local cultivar in marginal lands of cardoon
  • Esters developed through an old industrial plant, completely converted to “green chemistry”
  • Environmental sustainability and Biodiversity respect
  • Non-edible fraction, non-food competition
  • Support to local farmers
  • Performance in cosmetic finished products

Olifeel® Line

  • Partnership with an excellence of Italian Oil production
  • Transparent and traceable supply chain
  • Soft technologies maintaining natural profiles
  • Work on natural or organic bases
  • No food competition
  • Purest grades for maximum safety & benefits

SelectSIEVE® Apple PCQ

  • Partnership with a leading beverage company
  • Complex of apple polyphenols (Malus Domestica) for cardiovascular health
  • Non-edible fractions after juice production
  • Ultra-filtration technology, added-value to apple by-products
  • Cooperation with Universities and certified laboratories for in-vitro and in-vivo analysis of ingredient efficacy
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