Shanghai, 28th November 2019

Walking on the silk road, ROELMI HPC stops in Shanghai with the organization of the Innovation-based Master class concerning Personal care daily routine.

Most of us know the importance of practicing self-care, but it is always challenging to implement it into our daily lives and choose the correct products to perform it.

Self-care is about regular activities that help you recharge and make you feel good. When you plan and schedule your beauty routine, it becomes easier to fit it in your days, like training hours.

Moreover, is important to adjust your mindset around it and remember that the regular rule for this activity should be like Kiss: Keep it strong (but) simple.

You will soon understand that taking care of our skin, it is not just a question of aesthetics, but it is your wellness. Using sustainable products means making a radical choice of awareness, becoming attentive consumers, buying with the right criterion, saying no to the use of harmful substances and respect your skin while choosing the correct alternative.

Together with the support of the Italian professor, Nicola Barbini, we want to provide the master participants with the essential guidelines for building a performing Beauty Routine with formulations specifically designed to meet innovation maintaining at the same time a high sustainable profile.