ROELMI HPC at 5th Microbiome and Probiotics Forum

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ROELMI HPC at 5th Microbiome and Probiotics Forum

ROELMI HPC is more than glad to welcome you in Rotterdam, from March 21st to March 22nd at the 5Th edition of Microbiome and Probiotics Forum, the networking event where discuss the latest developments in research.

Over 370 attendees are expected to converge on Rotterdam to hear a 70-strong speaker faculty discuss the latest developments in microbiome research; engage in expert-led roundtable discussions and extended panel discussions; analyze the newest biotechs and start-ups worthy of investment; and utilize over seven hours of dedicated networking time to broaden business connections within the field.

SynBalance® Line identifies ROELMI HPC probiotic strains belonging to Lactobacillus and Bifidus species, characterized by the purest and standardized bacterial concentration, extreme stability, total safety and tested activity.
SynBalance® Line strains have been deeply characterized in terms of taxonomic classification and from efficacy point of view. They have been shown in different in vitro and in vivo models on animals and humans, to improve gastrointestinal microflora, to modulate the natural body defense and inflammation, to inhibit pathogens growth, to reduce the incidence and duration of gastrointestinal infections.
SynBalance® Line full portfolio is also guaranteed to be allergen free and to be suitable for children related products.

IntimiqueTM is a food supplement for women health based on SynBalance® Probiotics. It is designed for prevention and complementary treatment of vaginal infections from both bacterial and yeast origin. It is useful in all cases of temporary alteration of vaginal microbiota, by promoting the colonization of friendly species, by facilitating the restoration of healthy physiologic conditions and by inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms responsible for nonspecific vaginitis and vaginosis.

Discover SynBalance® Line and IntimiqueTM.

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