More and more products containing pre-, pro- and post-biotics have been launched with claims referring to the rebalance of skin’s microbiota. Along with the products growing quantity, confusion about the ingredients used to treat of the microbiota and their classification also grows. The safest way to insert microorganisms as natural ingredients is to make them inactivated and more stable within a cosmetic formula. Probiotic-derived is currently classified as ‘postbiotic’ and maintains structural integrity by preserving cells membrane. This process allows for an interaction comparable to probiotics and guarantees some benefits associated with live microorganisms, such as strengthening the skin barrier and its natural defenses.

Starting from its deep knowledge of probiotics development for nutraceutical applications, ROELMI HPC has moved to the cosmetic market, designing a specific ingredient targeting the well-being of the skin ecosystem: EquiBiotics LRh.
The ingredient represents a valid approach to a beauty routine, targeting skin microbiota comfort. The key is to promote a balanced ecosystem while preserving or restoring the natural harmony between the skin barrier and its microbiota.

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