This year Probiota goes online with a digital summit line-up that features the core issues affecting the business of the microbiome. The summit brings together experts and leaders from global industries and academia to discuss the hottest topics and present top-level insights.

The three days-event takes the opportunity to look Beyond The Gut, with a session discussing microbiome advancement into areas like bone/joints, the brain, sleep and mood. The three-day line-up finishes off with a glimpse into Pre & Probiotics Futures, with a look at possible directions research may take as the world looks to the microbiome as a solution to 2020’s global disruption.

ROELMI HPC will be virtually present at the event as Golden Sponsor together with its line of Probiotics, SynBalance®. The team will focus on the bidirectional cross-talk between the intestine and central nervous system, the gut-brain-axis and the potential probiotics application with our guest star, SynBalance® Keep Calm.

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