One of the sustainable development goals within the United Nations 2030 agenda is to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution. In fact, marine litter, due to several applications, is a hot-topic for NGOs that want to defend sea life.

Several Nations answer to this problem by banning plastic microbeads in cosmetics. It is an urgent need to find an available performing ingredient able to replace plastic microbeads in an eco-sustainable way.

Intending to preserve and regenerate natural resources through innovative development, Celus-Bi® Feel is the result of a strategic partnership between ROELMI HPC and NOVAMONT, the leader in the market of biopolymers. A specific transfer of technology to cosmetics, with many innovative steps allowing a new patent, leading to a synergistic combination of naturally derived Zea Mays Starch, Glycerin from olive oil non-edible sources and Polyvinyl Alcohol.

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