Nanoparticles, heavy metals, UV rays and blue light are environmental factors that can stress the skin leading to a number of discomforts: chronic inflammation, hyperpigmented complexion and faster ageing.
Moreover, daily exposure to urban dust is a typical situation that can negatively influence those processes.

ROELMI HPC   strongly committed to respecting nature and recreating natural properties within its cosmetic active ingredients, developed a biomimetic synergy of compounds to create a naturally strong shield for the skin.

SynerSHIELD Pro demonstrated that its matrix of beneficial natural compounds act as a biocompatible breathable glue that restores the barrier function as a second skin, and reconstitutes superficial hydrolipidic protective film that reinforces its defenses.

This innovative ingredient links two different concepts: innovation and sustainability.
Innovation characterized by the unique structure of the raw materials inside and sustainability linked to the circular economy models supported.

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