Despite of COVID-19 related slow-down of cosmetic market, 2020 gave a push to nutricosmetics one: people have changed their needs indeed, as a result of limitation in pursuing personal goals in term of beauty and well-being. Customers addressed then to alternative solutions for their personal beauty routine, to keep on achieving anti-aging and healthy skin results, especially through e-commerce. Hyaluronans and probiotics based nutricosmetics, thanks to refined technologies, help deliver efficacy and quick results. Nutricosmetics versatility meets customer’s renewed awareness and its “new normal”, now oriented to prevention and tangible results over-time.

Thanks to ever stronger evidences of their efficacy on skin beauty, hyaluronans are spreading over nutricosmetics to counteract skin aging signs, as wrinkles, and to enhance hydration and tonicity, giving a brighter appearance. Innovative technologies, as the Full Spectrum one, allow to deliver a specific fingerprint of hyaluronan molecular weights to match tissues biology and enhance cellular response, granting higher efficacy levels than before.

On the other side, thanks to the research on the Gut-Skin-Axis, probiotics are conquering a slice of the Nutricosmetic market, thanks to their important activity in improving skin distresses through oral intake. Actually, many skin conditions are associated with intestinal dysbiosis: it starts from an intestinal inflammation and gradually become systemic with a reflection also on skin. Probiotics, through the support of the gut-microbiota ecosystem, are able to provide an indirect positive
effect on skin distresses.

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