In the last few years, weight management became one of the hottest trends for nutraceuticals, and the recent pandemic scenario further enhanced its magnitude, strengthening its presence in the spotlight.

Bodyweight control basic approach is represented by achieving the proper balance between calories intake and energy expenditure and thanks to ascending e-commerce offer, nowadays customers have even higher access to several types of products, which can support and complement weight management actions. Thanks to scientific progress and technological advance, nutraceuticals offer has grown, supplying a wide range of actives, natural extracts and formulations.

ROELMI HPC, with its longstanding expertise in developing nutraceuticals through green technologies, provides the multifunctional nutricosmetics solution to meet customers’ demand for body re-shaping and enhanced beauty from within. Based on a formulation of selected actives, SelectSIEVE® Rainbow brings in the natural efficacy of untouched compounds, gently collected through advanced technologies from black rice, red-orange, pineapple and kiwi.

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