ROELMI HPC is thrilled to announce that SynBalance®MetSyn and ExceptionHYAL® Star won respectively the NutraIngredient Award 2021 as ingredient of the year for weight management category and the 2021 NutraIngredients Asia Awards as ingredient of the year for the Beauty from within category.

SynBalance®MetSyn is the probiotic complex based on 3 Lactobacilli, expressly studied to reduce the cardio-metabolic risk through the modulation of the intestinal microbiota. We have been chosen by a board of 14 experts from the market who have considered the product relevance within the consumer demand, application and design, scientific evidence, formulation feasibility and commercial success. While ExceptionHYAL® Star is a biotechnological ingredient belonging to the next generation Hyaluronans, based on a specific spectrum of molecular weights. It gets the modulation of physiological production of HA within the skin, increasing moisturization and fighting against wrinkles. Looking after the skin from the inside out is a keen focus for the discerning beauty consumer and the emphasis on skin health demands reliable superior quality, and stable ingredients to be used across different end applications showcases.

Since the beginning, our company takes care of people’s health, by promoting solutions with a high-scientific profile. This award represents the recognition of the values carried out by our daily job and commitment. We truly thanks the organization for this great opportunity and honor the great team effort. Growth has nothing to do with pure luck, it is the result of precious and proactive team-working in always providing great results based on scientific innovation.