Women embrace changes during all stages of life. Hormonal changes affect all parts of the body; they can deeply modify the vaginal environment, and in some cases lead to infections, linked to poor vaginal biodiversity.

Since female consumers are more aware of the crucial role of a holistic approach to both prevention and treatment interventions through nutraceutical solutions, a renewed and attentive interest is rapidly spreading. Hyaluronans and probiotics are powerful actives for both oral and local applications, to rebalance vaginal microbiota and restore mucosal wellbeing.

ExceptionHYAL® Relief is ROELMI HPC ‘s solution to support vaginal discomfort. It is 2.0 Full Spectrum, based on HATech 2.0® technology, delivering a fingerprint of hyaluronans molecular weights, specifically designed to match mucosal needs; this supports hydration, healing of micro-lesions, and has a soothing effect, thus re-balancing vaginal conditions.

On the other hand, vaginal microbiota is populated by different microorganisms, especially Lactobacilli, able to avoid pathogens colonisation and rebalance the ecosystem. Lactobacilli can support women by interacting with host physiology and influencing pathogens. Studies are focusing on probiotics’ mechanisms of action in supporting and preventing these conditions. SynBalance® Femme is able to recover your intimate health with a significant and persistent vaginal colonization and a slight reduction in vaginal itching, burning, discharge and dryness.

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