The microbiota world is more and more under investigation thanks to its beneficial task to maintain skin health conditions. It is referred to as the community of microorganisms hosted on superficial skin layers (epidermis). This ecosystem results from a delicate equilibrium composed of a variety of commensal bacteria (the main component of a skin-friendly barrier) and resident and transient pathogenic bacteria (capable of invading and causing harm).

There is growing awareness that maintaining a balanced skin environment is the first step for the health of microbial skin communities and, consequently, to avoid the onset of cutaneous diseases. ROELMI HPC innovation laboratories have developed a biotechnological post-biotic, ÆCTive®, that concur to balance skin microbiota and thus ameliorate skin discomforts in subjects with moderate acne conditions. The ingredient is a pure molecule produced by a non-GMO bacterial strain and obtained by the bio-fermentation process.

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