An antioxidant-rich diet is strongly recommended in the context of a healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic disease and promote longevity. In particular, scientific evidence from experimental and epidemiological studies and clinical trials support the beneficial role of dietary polyphenols, mainly for preventing cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, a large number of functional foods and nutritional supplements containing polyphenols as active ingredients have been developed.

In this pilot open-label clinical study, the tested apple extract was shown to improve FPG, SUA, some parameters related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and endothelial reactivity. These findings represent preliminary evidence supporting the safely use in clinical practice of apple polyphenols for both preventative and supportive effects on cardiometabolic health and liver functions. ROELMI HPC is glad to bring innovation in this field, proposing SelectSIEVE® Apple, the nutraceutical active ingredient based on balanced and highly standardized polyphenols from apple and acting in a complementary manner through different metabolic pathways.

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