On 20th – 21st of November 2019 ROELMI HPC plays at home, and it’s glad to invite you to Making cosmetic 2019 in Milan.

Making Cosmetics is a consolidated event in the cosmetics industry attracting over 3,000 industry professionals. The experience has become one of the most important events in our industry with a focus on latest regulations, technologies and trends in cosmetic manufacturing.

Our team is pleased to meet you at Booth 404 for giving you more details on the innovation we bring for active and functional ingredient for the beauty care market.

Moreover, if you are looking for a synergy between looking good and feeling good, you can participate also to In-vitality – a new event launched to meet the needs of Italian Food Development Technologists working with the Nutraceutical, Functional foods and Supplements market. Our partner AMITAHC  is part of the event red carpet and will meet you at the Stand IN305 ready to propose winning and customized solutions for the market.

To end it with a flourish, on 21 November our Market Manager Nutraceuticals – Cristiana Piangiolino will give you an overview on the evolution of the complementary approach between cosmetics and nutraceutics.

  • Enchanting skin beauty thanks to the combination of ExceptionHYAL® Star– oral intake and PrincipHYAL® Difference– topical application. 2nd generation Sodium Hyaluronate designed for mature skin, in-vivo tested for anti-wrinkle activity.
  • Balanced microbiome for acne-prone skin, thanks to SynBalance® ProBeautyShield probiotic complex which, thanks to the action on gut-skin axis, helps to recover from discomforts, reducing acneic lesions and comedones. The integration with the application of a cosmetic formula containing ÆCTive® demonstrates a completion of the soothing effect thanks to the rebalancing of the skin microbiota.