Innovation and emotion: This is the title assigned to the Kosmetica 2021 Event , which will take place on October 28 in Milan at the Sheraton Milan San Siro by invitation for up to 180 people and remotely. Companies know that innovating means seizing the opportunities of every change, even epochal as the current one, looking ahead to reposition or rethink and remain competitive.

The main characters of the event are companies that do research. Therefore, they will be able to describe how research is moving, which are the best performing raw materials, the new production technologies, and the trends towards a future of sustainability.

ROELMI HPC is a proud sponsor of the event, and we’ll wait for you at SHERATON MILAN SAN SIRO, Via Caldera 3 – Milan – Magnolia Room.
There is a drive within our industry towards more environmentally efficient manufacturing techniques, reducing waste and emissions. Our team’s mission is to support the development of innovative, sustainable, competitive, and respected cosmetic ingredients within the field, which best serve consumers.

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