Hyaluronic acid is a very well-known ingredient in the cosmetic market thanks to its beneficial effects on the skin. Usually linked to the specific molecular weight, the biological effectiveness can be reached by different stimulations related to the spectrum range, able to mimic the biology and the skin tissues requirements.

ROELMI HPC has confirmed that the development of the Full Spectrum technology (HA Tech 2.0®) allows to obtain a spectrum of sodium hyaluronate molecular weights for specific and effective applications through a fine modulation of fermentation parameters: the PrincipHYAL® Line, biotechnological ingredients that reproduce a specific spectrum of molecular efficacy, with a targeted focus on the skin:

  • PrincipHYAL® Difference: a wide spectrum of molecular weights studied to get long-term anti-aging effect on the skin. It helps to decrease skin wrinkles volume, to improve skin elasticity, smoothness, by diminishing roughness, scal- iness & number of wrinkles. Skin complexion is improved, with a good moisturization and skin barrier strength.
  • PrincipHYAL® Cube3: a wide spectrum of molecular weights studied to get short-term lifting effect with a proved efficacy of carrier for both lipo- and water-soluble ingredients;
  • PrincipHYAL® Aurora: a proved regenerating and wound-healing effect for a completely new skin;
  • PrincipHYAL® Signal-10: quicker permeation than clas- sic form of hyaluronans for an immediate effect of mois- turization and elasticity

The technology has then shifted to the nutraceutical market with the development of ExceptionHYAL® Line to fully integrate in tissues physiology and match biological needs, effectively supporting health, and improving life quality.

The members of the ExceptionHYAL® Line are:

  • ExceptionHYAL® Star: Targeting skin beauty and anti-aging from within, its rejuvenating effect is quick and visible in 14 days only, with significantly less marked and deep wrinkles. Further, it effectively improves healthy skin parameters, providing hydration, tone and elasticity. It does not only prevent and support skin ageing, but can also help in case of dryer and sensitive skins due to sun/cold exposure.
  • ExceptionHYAL® Blossom: Realized to counteract menopause discomforts.
  • ExceptionHYAL® Wink: Meant to truly support ocular well-being.
  • ExceptionHYAL® Jump: Designed for joint pain reduction and enhanced mobility.
  • ExceptionHYAL® Relief: Created to effectively alleviate unpleasant digestive issues as heartburn and acid reflux.
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