ROELMI HPC decided to sustain Fondazione Piatti and their exceptional work because we believe that it is only through knowledge and dedication that we can achieve inclusion. For us, it represents comfort and a spur to continue our daily commitment. We do hope this precious collaboration will continue over time, taking on new nuances in favor of people with complex disabilities and autism and their families. Together, we can be even more vital for the most fragile.

Renato Piatti Foundation has decided to award our company with the title “IMPRESA PER BENE 2022”.

A title of merit to award each year to the friendly companies of the Renato Piatti Foundation, which, during the previous year – just like the Oscars of Cinema! – have chosen to join the mission, supporting specific projects and taking part in various initiatives in favor of people with intellectual disabilities, autism, and youth psychic disorders that we take care of daily.

ROELMI HPC is proud to be one of the winners of this very personal Oscar, a tangible sign of our gratitude that we embraced with joy and motivation.

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