According to Euromonitor, one of the new arising Megatrend this year is the “healthy living”, strongly pushed by the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Healthy lifestyle habits inside and outside the home are becoming the “new” normal way of living, thus leading to get a look towards a more holistic approach to wellness. The primary aspect of optimal health is caring of both mental and physical well-being that, especially in this moment, is needed to be reinforced. The future is moving forward to a more open-minded vision, trying not to fight the symptoms but rather understanding the cause that hides behind a distress. As our ancient said “mens sana in corpore sano”.

In the last decade, probiotics have been subjected to a very high number of studies sinc their versatility in supporting host metabolism in everyday life. Starting with the easiest connection with the gut through their recognized abilities in supporting women’s health, then linking the gut microbiota dysbiosis with a series of chronic diseases, reaching sometimes very uncommon applications as mental wellbeing.

In this perspective, ROELMI HPC has designed and developed a probiotic ingredient, SynBalance® Keepcalm (L. reuteri PBS072, B. breve BB077), targeting stress management. The two strains Lactobacillus reuteri PBS072 and Bifidumbacterium breve BB077, after the in vitro screening based on the improvement of serotonin and GABA synthesis and the enhancement of Lysine-Specific Demethylase1 (LSD1), have been clinically tested in a proof-of concept clinical trial which has enrolled 30 stressed university students with the aim to determine the effectiveness of the probiotic complex in improving cognitive function, sleep quality and anxiety.

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