Microplastics are used in a variety of shapes and sizes to give exfoliating and sensorial attributes to formulations. In recent years, their potentially negative impact on the environment has become a crux. Furthermore, consumer priorities have shifted considering eco-conscious lifestyle changes. The growing demand for eco-sustainable products and processes has influenced the cosmetics industry. In fact, the beauty industry has renewed its sensitivity by rediscovering the specific use of natural ingredients and placing certain R&D determinants such as ecology, sustainability, and biodegradability at the centre of its policy. The question now is how to develop ingredients that are innovative and respect sustainability.

Celus-Bi® Line is designed to leave-on applications and it aims at being the ethical alternative to plastic microbeads in cosmetics. It demonstrated proven performances against standard plasticizing powders and peculiar sustainable impact on the environment (readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 B method). It is characterized by multiple functions (texturizing, formula touch and stability, soft focus, versatility in use for both oil and water phase, and many others). A solution to formulate eco-sustainably, maintaining or improving the technical performances of standard, synthetic ingredients while replacing traditional plastic powders.

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