The basic notion about Sodium Hyaluronate is that different molecular weights can stimulate different singular effect on the cells, leading to opposite physiological performances.

2.0 Full Specrum Hyaluronans provides an ecological beauty routine for skin because it reproduces human physiological requirements by focusing on a wide spectrum which mediates a specific cellular answer through the activation of different cell receptors and the fine-tuned effect of skin regeneration process in physiological-like stimulation.

It becomes clearer every day that what naturally occurs in human skin is far from the external chemical view of simply producing a biopolymer such as HA for cosmetic use. Skin needs what skin uses, thus we need to rethink a skin beauty routine.

PrincipHYAL® products have been developed on the simple observation that the skin does not present just one very precise length of hyaluronans, but rather a coexistence of molecular weights, leading to specific biological mechanisms

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