With its know-how based on innovation technological and sustainability, ROELMI HPC has sought to go beyond the production of hya- standard grade sodium luronate, depending on developing the HA Tech 2.0® process allowing to obtain complete and specific spectrum of different molecular weights. Full Spectrum Technology consists of parameters modulation at each stage of the process biofermentation, where precise variations in temperature, pressure and duration are implemented. The hyaluronan molecules thus obtained are then purified to obtain a spectrum specic of HA  with a range of molecular weights which can range from 20 to 3000 kDa.

ROELMI HPC technology makes it possible to obtain a complex of specific molecular weights so called to targeted tissues which act in synergy management in a biomimetic way, allowing smoother modulation of physiological processes than with standard grade hyaluronans (single molecular weight). The ExceptionHYAL® range was developed on the basis of this HA Tech 2.0® technology in order to specifically stimulate targeted tissues to proven effectiveness in well-being and health and improved quality of life

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