The discomfort resulting from the decrease in tear fluid, very common among people, can often evolve into an ocular disorder such as dry eye syndrome, which currently affects between 5% and 34% of the world’s population. Triggering causes include stressful situations, prolonged use of computers, tablets or smartphones, or environmental factors, infections or even genetic factors. This discomfort can often translate into complex symptoms characterized mainly by ocular disorders and impaired visual functionality – especially in daily activities such as reading and driving vehicles – with consequent worsening of the quality of life.

ExceptionHYAL® Wink is a nutraceutical ingredient based on sodium hyaluronate (HA), developed by ROELMI HPC via biofermentation. Thanks to a particular modulation of temperature, pressure and duration of the process, specific compositions of HA molecules are obtained, chacterized by different molecular weights. ExceptionHYAL® Wink meets the HA physiologic need of eye mucosae, increasing Glycosaminoglycans, aquaporins and protein synthesis, thus promoting the corneal hydration.

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