Skin care is highly subjective and each consumer needs to try different formulas and evaluate which one is better for their own skin health.

Consequently, different ingredients can contribute to create the variety of finished products that the market requests. The main substances used to do so are all the micro-world related ones: probiotics, postbiotics, prebiotics.

These microbiota-friends are very well-known in the nutraceutical field and their application as food supplements, but quite new for the cosmetic world; the first thing to check is: how can they be introduced in a formulation? Well, it depends on the type of substance: prebiotics like glucose or other sugars are present in cosmetic products since forever, they are usually solubilized in water and every formulator knows how to play with them. Easy.

With microorganisms, however, things turn… sticky. Since we are now not talking about chemicals but living (or previously-living) things, with proteins, membranes and enzymes, it is a completely different approach.

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