In addition to collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronans represent the class of polymers that, due to their physicochemical characteristics, is the most similar to the biology of joint tissues. They perform both anti-inflammatory and promotion activities of cartilage trophism, exerting a lubricating and cushioning action, and acting on the synovial fluid.

ExceptionHYAL® Jump is the innovative solution from ROELMI HPC to promote joint well-being and function during exercise and prevent, as well as effectively counteract the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

To ensure the availability of a wide range of specific molecular weights, ROELMI HPC has developed Full Spectrum Technology (HA Tech 2.0®). This innovative technology allows obtaining, through the bio-fermentation process, the production of a complex of hyaluronans of different molecular weights, without this being obtained through the mixing of single molecular weights produced separately.

The fine modulation of the process parameters, including times and temperatures, thus allows to directly obtain specific molecular weight spectra of sodium hyaluronate for effective and targeted applications represented by the ExceptionHYAL® Line.

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