AlpBioEco is an EU project contributing to the framework of conditions for innovation, resulting in eco-innovative business ideas and concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Alpine region. The project is focused on the potential of the bio-economy in the value chains of natural resources and in four working packages the team aims at investigating current value chains, developing new products as well as new business models tested then in pilot studies.

11 February 2021 see the staging of the AlpBioEco final conference, a three-year research and innovation project focusing on the valorization of innovative bio-economical potentials along with bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space. The conference is free of charge and open for everyone and will see the participation of partners and stakeholders acting across the support and promotion of eco-innovation.

ROELMI HPC will take part in the event with an interesting dissertation on BIOBEAUTY project which aims at providing a new life to the main by-products of the Lombardy agro-food industry (i.e. tomato seeds and peels, rice starch, grape pomace…), classified as industrial waste while still being rich in active molecules (i.e. lycopene, resveratrol, peptides…). Thanks to the fermentation of those by-products through our registered strains of probiotics, the company will develop a process to obtain high added-value ingredients both for the cosmetic and the nutraceutical markets.​