Federchimica organizes the 8th National Conference on Sustainable Chemistry “Chemistry, science and industry together”. The Conference aims to discuss the many issues surrounding sustainable chemistry. In particular, this year the theme will be public-private collaboration as a tool to innovate and increase one’s skills.

Sustainable chemistry is the perfect choice to stimulates innovation across all sectors. The design and discovering of new chemicals, production processes, and product stewardship practices, will provide increased performance and increased value while meeting the goals of protecting and enhancing human health and the environment.

ROELMI HPC seizes this promising opportunity and will be present at the event with our R&D Manager, Federica Carlomagno. Our company is always working on the best solution to improve the efficiency of our ingredients and is strongly committed to empowering natural resources to meet human needs for performant products and services. The design, manufacture and use of efficient, effective, safe and more environmentally benign chemical products and processes are the milestones guiding our activities.