The cosmetic market is constantly searching for environmentally friendly compounds and demonstrates an even higher interest in making sustainability- focused choice. Sensory agents represent one of the ingredient category under evaluation for a strong research of a ‘green’ character. This article presents a range of emollient agents developed by circular economy and upcycling methods through different Mediterranean-based supply chains. Food by-products and renewable sources are involved to create high performing raw materials as a base for clean, sustainable and ethical cosmetics.

ROELMI HPC ‘s esters selection represents the responsible alternative for sustainable cosmetics. Characterized by high performances and safe for topical use, they are the next-gen compounds since today for tomorrow cosmetics. ROELMI HPC ‘s esters offer a range of ingredients that can satisfy every type of demand, in terms of sensoriality and performance. The skin feel is very rich, soft and smooth, and without a greasy effect using: Olifeel® SKin and Olifeel® Glow.
t becomes lighter and silky with EMotion®, until reaching a unique evanescence with BeauSens® Air.