The Mediterranean area is the ideal place to grow fruits due to its mild temperatures and positioning. And, exactly in this part of Italy, ROELMI HPC discovered main technological partners and feedstock to design cosmetic ingredients, developing its know-how. Studying different fruits, it was possible to discover their cosmetic potential and their activities. In particular, starting from fruit juices’ production, thanks to a sustainable process, different active “waters” were obtained, able to guarantee the original fruit benefits on the skin through the improvement of cell viability: CytoFruit® Waters

These active “waters” are the proof that by using a by-product as a source, the formulator can create an effective and performing product. These ingredients, used in cosmetic finished products, make possible green formulations, declaring the “water-less” or “water-free” claims riding the sustainability wave. The development of these cosmetic ingredients is the proof that it is possible to study and create something that answers the cosmetic market, consumers and planet needs simultaneously.

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