Every day, when we smile, talk, or eat, our facial muscles contract, and these repeated expressions over time can lead to a decrease in skin elasticity.
As a result, expression lines appear in areas of the face subjected to stress, such as the forehead, periocular area, and nasolabial region.

Cellular energy is essential for preserving skin well-being and is linked to a healthy and radiant complexion, when the skin loses its vitality, a loss of cellular vitality can occur, resulting in a dull and tired complexion, where signs of fatigue related to the aging process are highlighted.

ROELMI HPC introduces Ener-GY plus, the active cosmetic ingredient designed to optimize mitochondrial activity.

Designed to optimize mitochondrial activation, Ener-GY plus promotes the stabilization of the microbiota ecosystem through an increase of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) neo synthesis.

Thanks to its specific activity, it decreases the cellular senescence by promoting a high cellular vitality and responsiveness.

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