Introduction: Hair health concern is one of the most distressing conditions for a significant number of men and women of all ages. The unique current pharmacologic therapeutic options approved by Food and Drug administration (FDA) are finasteride and topical minoxidil; however, these treatments may have side effects and may work on just one cause of hair loss, without giving an exhaustive and complete results.

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a nutritional complex, combining omega 3-6-9, antioxidant, natural inhibitors of 5α-reductase and anti-inflammatory molecules in improving hair loss and hair health parameter such as volume, strength and reduction of greasiness.

Methods: This study was made up of two phases. The in vitro experiment aimed at evaluating the capacity of the nutritional complex to lower the enzyme 5α-reductase activity in culture of human keratinocytes. The in vivo study was performed on 30 volunteers who experienced a 6 months treatment with the nutritional complex. The evaluation of hair loss and hair health parameter was performed by trichoscopy, global photograph review and subject’s assessment.

Results: The in vitro study showed the capacity of the nutritional formulation to inhibit the total 5α-reductase comparable to finasteride and Serenoa repens. The global photograph assessment at T0 and T6 showed an increased hair density on 83.3% of subjects and the preliminary results were already visible just after three months.
Moreover, the trichoscopy demonstrates an increase of hair diameter and hair density, an improvement of vascularization and a reduction of greasiness at the follicle level. The hair quality and hair loss reduction valued by the subjects showed positive results confirming the photographic outcomes.

Conclusions: This study proves the action of nutritional complex components, ß-sitosterosl with omega 3-6 complex from Serenoa repens, linseed, borage, wheat oils, pine bark and rye grass in inhibition of the total 5α-reductase. Furthermore, both the reduction of hair greasiness and the improvement of hair quality demonstrate that this formulation is not only effective against 5α-reductase but it also exerts its properties in a complete manner by restoring the physiologic condition of a healthy scalp. Moreover, it demonstrates the positive effects of this natural complex supplementation on overall scalp coverage. Visibly there is an improvement of vascularization, hair diameter and the reduction of hair loss perception.

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