EcoVadis is a trusted business sustainability rating platform that aims to strengthen the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of companies, drive performance in sustainability and improve environmental and social outcomes. The assessment is carried out according to international standards providing guidelines for social responsibility following 4 performance factors:

  • Environmental-friendly and sustainable practices
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Business ethics
  • Labor and human rights

The environmental impact of our productions is highly reduced thanks to the adoption of eco-sustainable processes, aiming both at keeping high-quality standards and efficacies, while optimizing sustainability from the entire product Life Cycle perspective.

This CSR approach, based on the NIP® program, has been validated by the EcoVadis platform and, for the second year, ROELMI HPC obtained in August 2020 a Gold status with a score of 72/100. This score places the company in the top 5% of the most highly rated companies in the same sector of activity.