ROELMI HPC adopts a rigorous method to safeguard the environment and biodiversity through renewable sources, focusing on a new approach called “The Empowerment of the ecosystem”. The new way is based on the concept of ecosystem, seen as a union of multiple communities working together to improve the environment and human life. Furthermore, thanks to the upcycling process, we are proud to present some technological excellence:

    • Olifeel® Line: Line of ingredients with specific cosmetic functions, obtained from high purification of fractions of Olea europaea. Made from by-products of olive oil processing that are not destined for food use.
    • EMotion® and BeauSens®: Characterized by high performance and safe for topical use; they are the next-gen compounds today for tomorrow’s cosmetics. They are derived from low-energy and underused oil crops.
    • CytoFruit® Waters: The biological active waters from the by-products fruit fractions used to produce juices and food concentrates.
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