Deloitte, guided by their purpose to make an impact that matters, helps strengthen connections and bring to life more equitable, sustainable futures.

Their program “Best Managed Companies” (BMC) aims to reward the commitment and capabilities of Italian companies through the analysis of critical success factors identified by Deloitte, including: the company strategy, distinctive skills, commitment to people, Directional control and performance measurement, Corporate Social Responsibility and innovation.

The independent jury, formed by authoritative exponents of the Italian entrepreneurial, academic and institutional panorama, will elect the best companies after having reviewed the nominations and found the following characteristics:

  • Strategy: BM companies use structured methodologies for the development of their corporate strategy that they apply through defined and identified governance systems. They adopt predefined metrics of performance measurement and internal and external communication of the strategy and objectives achieved.
  • Distinctive skills: BM companies think differently from their competitors and focus on innovation and efficiency, capacity and skills development through strategic partnerships, Creation of an extensive network and focus on the need to attract and enhance talent internally
  • Commitment to people: BM companies are focused on creating a unique and shared corporate culture and rewarding virtuous behaviours through an effective system of performance management and compensation, as well as to plan the succession through the enhancement of future generations.
  • Directional Control and Performance Measurement: BM companies record solid economic and asset performance, applying customized metrics and accurate reporting systems to better guide business decisions and build and maintain strong relationships with financial stakeholders.

This year, ROELMI HPC is proud to have been awarded Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies 2022 award, we would like to extend our congratulations to all of our colleagues, customers and partners worldwide: if ROELMI HPC was able to achieve this goal, it’s thanks to everyone’s daily commitment and efforts.
Thank you!