Customer Area – new update

||Customer Area – new update

Customer Area – new update


In order to give optimized updated information to its network, ROELMI HPC has renewed its private area: a restricted access section, which can be accessed only with a personalized password given by our administration.

what are the benefits?

This private room is the place where you will find regulatory updates, marketing material, logistic and legal documents 24/24h

who has access?

You decide! Only persons designated from your administration will receive a password of access. First of all, it is necessary to fill in the company registration form in order to add your corporate details into our database. After that, just report name, e-mail address and job profile of the people to register. A personal password will be sent to every contact just after the activation of the profile. We recommend you to connect immediately to the website and change the password as per your convenience for a greater confidentiality and ease of use. Note that you can also decide which persons will receive automatic update e-mails.

how to connect?

Just click on the Login Button and access our reserved area.
To enter, confirm your login identity (the complete e-mail address used to send you the password – for example @ and enter then your password (as transmitted by e-mail the first time, or as you modified it if changed).

how to get further support?

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +39 02 3351 0150
  • Skype meeting (call us to get an appointment)

Remaining at your entire disposal for any further questions you could have on this matter, we hope you will enjoy the added value of this tool! It will help you to follow up all your daily work information in a quick and updated manner.

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