Cosmetorium e-connect is lead by a string of online presentations carried out by the main suppliers of the cosmetic industry. The new webinar format will bring the audience to discover new trends, ingredients, machinery and processes beside the cosmetic market directly from the comfort of its desk.

ROELMI HPC will concur in the event looking at the revolution guiding the Cosmetic market where Mediterranean renewable sources are involved in integrated supply chains, completely controlled and traceable, to design out innovation; and where innovation meets nature new technologies arise:

  • Olifeel® Line: Selective research on olive benefits to reach specific cosmetic applications.
  • EMotion® Line: Sustainable emollients with exceptional touch and outstanding properties.
  • Celus-Bi® Feel: Texturizers with proved performances against standard plasticizing powders and peculiar environmental-friendly impact.
  • Méditerranée Line: The essence of botanical extracts developed through sustainable solvents.

Clear your agenda: Tuesday 23rd February 11.00 am (CET)

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