Spain is a European centre of excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of cosmetics and personal care products and in such a competitive and dynamic market, the SEQC saw a real need for a forum to meet the needs of everyone involved in creativity, design, development, marketing and production. Cosmetorium was created to satisfy this need. The fourth edition of Cosmetorium in October 2019 surpassed expectations with more than 2,000 visitors attending over 2 days. This year there will be a greater number of exhibitors at the show and the programme of Scientific Conferences and commercial presentations promises to be both interesting and innovative.

ROELMI HPC together with our partner Amita HC Iberia is targeting the future of Beauty and aligned with the growing interest in conscientious formulas able to demonstrate a minor impact on the Planet: BeauSens®Line is the perfect result of the coexistence between sustainability and innovation.
Sourced from Sunflower richness, the brand-new ingredient range is manufactured through advanced technologies and an exclusive manufacturing process to extract Pelargonic Acid to offer sustainable choices by protecting the biodiversity and preserving the health of the planet ecosystem together with high-technological performances.

Save the date: 20th October, 4pm – TechFocus Programme

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