Cosmetorium 2017 Sustainability award

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Cosmetorium 2017 Sustainability award

We are honored to inform our customer about the first prize at Sustainability Award, promoted by Cosmetorium 2017. This is the practical demonstration that our NIP® program stands as a mission for every process focusing on Quality, People safety and Environment preservation.  NIP® program is more than a program, it is the key to achieve the sustainability, an ambitious target, an active process as well as an active community. It resulted in Celus-Bi® Light Ester.

Celus-Bi® is a concept more than just a line of cosmetic ingredients. Starting from the strong will of reaching 100% Sustainability while having performances, ROELMI HPC set up a different corner of cosmetics. In fact, Celus-Bi® results come from an innovative way of making cosmetic, with a natural background, but without any interference with the food supply chain. By this way, it is possible to create ingredients without producing waste, aiming at an impact zero on the environment, instead of just a reduction of energy usage or pollutants emission.
Celus-Bi® is the result of years of production methods improvement and several tests on the products. The mission behind this realization is the NIP® Program that summarizes what has been said before. Brasca started the No Impact in Progress 10 years ago, answering the necessity of formulating without having a bad impact on people and environment, but giving a main role to the product eco-sustainability.

Emollients: Celus-Bi® Light Ester
Esters are largely employed in cosmetic formulations as softening and smoothing agents. They are used in mostly applications as skin care, make up, sun care and hair care. Nowadays, several categories of esters are in the eye of the storms because of their food chain origin. For example, it is well known that palm or coconut are among the greatest sources of food for certain populations and the procurement of these kind of oils is destroying loads of forests. To avoid that, esters’ producers have two different choices: to reduce environmental impact by using vegetable oils from a controlled supply chain, or to produce by starting from different sources. Celus-Bi® Light Ester is the proactivity alternative coming from European renewable crops. An industrial plant, completely converted to “green chemistry” allows the creation of high-purity Pelargonic acid (above 98%) from cardoon seed extract, by local cultivar in marginal lands. This results in a 100% no food competition and a full respect of current and future Environment.
Targeting the cosmetic market, Celus-Bi® Light Ester is the sustainable choice for formulators. Due to their outstanding properties in terms of solubilisation and dispersion of UV filters and pigments, they turn out to be particularly suitable for sun care and make-up applications. In lipsticks and mascaras, they have been proved to confer high color intensity to the formulation, tint homogeneity, good texture, bright and glossy effect (compared to products formulated with other benchmarks on the market).

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