ROELMI HPC is pleased to invite you at Cosmetagorà 2020 // Stand 50

Cosmetagorà is the professional trade show dedicated to the cosmetic industry.

Created 12 years ago by the French society of Cosmetology, this salon has become the essential meeting place for professionals; more and more actors from cosmetics field picked the square of Cosmetagorà to display their know-how and innovations.

The 2020 edition will take place at Espace Champerretin Paris, on 14 and 15 January 2020 and will be the entry point for the 2020 year of cosmetic exhibitions flagged ROELMI HPC , where you can act synergically in concrete innovation with an eye open on sustainability.

LE PRIX DE LA FORMULATION COSMET’AGORA 2020 – Discover our innovation

From the beginning of XX century, lot of changes have occurred on the planet. The growing necessity of a concrete commitment to sustainability is now asking young generations to approach the life with ethical behavior. In light of this, we start develop the Magic Mattifying Selfie Stick, a revolutionary cosmetic formula designed for young generations requiring ready-to-use performance with sustainable character. A primer that quickly minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections while controlling shine for an always-ready skin. Its velvety touch and undetectable texture is ideal for all skin types for both girls and boys. Forgetting the silicones, this powerful stick, with lightweight and non-drying silky texture glides over skin with an easy application. It creates a smooth skin like a canvas ready to take on the day. Ideal application on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, it has to blend with fingertips and It could be worn alone or under your make up.

The positive impact on the planet is assured by the huge presence of sustainable compounds, for example esters from circular economy by forgetting the necessity of silicones involvement and texturizers as ethical alternative to standard microplastics. The results is a biodegradable formula that concretely minimize the impact on the environment with a positive end-of-live behavior. The efficacy claim of the formula is linked to next generation Hyaluronans in a matrix of non-edible olive glycerides.

Close your eyes and imagine forgetting silicones by discovering esters from circular economy or microplastics by getting new sensorial texturizers. Could it be possible? Yes, it is now possible with this innovative primer designed to minimize pores and fine lines appearance.

Targeting young girls and boys as future citizens living in a more sustainable world where cosmetics will make a difference. A magic world where the Ecological integrity and social equity are maintained.  A sustainable world where the impact is concretely minimized with a positive end-of-live behavior thanks to a biodegradable formula.

Don’t wait to innovate. Choose sustainability.

Discover the new entry in our product portfolio – Méditerranée.

Méditerranée Line represents the ultimate frontier for botanical extracts. A wide range of medicinal and aromatic plants extracts for future cosmetics coming from renewable sources, GMO-free, in line with Circular economy model. Hydrosoluble or liposoluble extracts developed through sustainable biodegradable solvents.