COSMED was Founded in 2000and born from the desire of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to be represented and heard by French and European authorities responsible for the cosmetics sector. COSMED is now the leading representative network of SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs) in the cosmetics industry in France. It has 1010 member companies representing all professions within the cosmetics sector: private labels, contract manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, expertise and testing laboratories, consultants, training, and more. Comprising 80% SMEs, COSMED plays an essential role in the cosmetics sector.

On October 5th in Montpellier, join us for a day of conferences on the challenges of formulation in microbiotic cosmetics. This day is aimed at all professionals in the cosmetics industry: management, R&D, regulatory affairs, formulation, marketing.

Meet our expert and be ready for deep dive the new perspectives for stress management and mood improvement. It has been scientifically proven that the gut microbiome can have a specific role on behaviour and stress control through the so called gut-brain axis. This activity is specifically linked to postbiotics. As skin microbiome is getting more and more of interest in cosmetic and stress and mood management is crucial in our era, we will go through innovative studies to show possible cosmetic applications on skin-brain axis.

Mark your calendar: 5 October 2023 – CORUM – Esplanade Charles De Gaulle – 34000 Montpellier