R&D, marketing and business intelligence activities are intertwined in a dense web of interactions. Sensory analysis is proving to be an extremely important element in the design phase of the ingredient itself and, consequently, in the creation of a finished cosmetic product. At ROELMI HPC, the development of a new ingredient involves the collaboration of several departments. We believe this is one of our greatest strengths. Periodic interdepartmental meetings are scheduled in order to combine the specific technical-scientific know-how of the R&D department with the multidisciplinary technical expertise of the laboratory dedicated to the formulation of the ingredients themselves.

An initial internal technical/sensory panel test exercise involved characterizing the families of our esters: Olifeel®, EMotion® and BeauSens®to evaluate their performance in terms of spreadability (spreadability), versus benchmarks of different chemical nature. The technical panel test with Olifeel®, EMotion® and BeauSens® esters highlighted the characteristics of each ingredient, making it possible to create a “sensory cascade“. This was very useful for selecting the most suitable emollient for specific textures. The test with TechnoHYAL HyaPearl, on the other hand, was useful in confirming the already known efficacy of the moisturising ingredient.

Interdepartmental meetings are an excellent opportunity to bring colleagues together, turning a technical activity necessary for the company’s business into a time for team building, improving cooperation and encouraging internal cohesion. Such activities can also stimulate creativity, the exchange and sharing of ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

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