The main components of a cosmetic product usually are water – as main ingredient, functional ingredients – as emollients, texturizing or other performances, active ingredients – for a biological efficacy towards a specific claim, a preservation system – to protect the formula safety, and eventually fragrances and pigments.

Each of them contributes to creating the nice and catchy finished formula that will be fascinating for the end user, creating the chain of cosmetics industry.

BeauSens® PG4 is an interesting mild surfactant derived from pelargonic acid (C9), which enables the creation of various formula, like micellar water, serum, makeup remover, maintaing an eco-friendly profile. Sourced from Sunflower Seed Oil (no GMO), it offers a sustainable choice, protecting biodiversity and preserving the ecosystem health.

It’s the result of a perfect combination between nature and innovation. Through the extraction of Pelargonic Acid from sunflower seed oil, advanced technologies and exclusive manufacturing processes are here involved for the creation of this unique non-ionic surfactant.

In this article we will focus on the relation between preservation systems and functional ingredients, an unexpected combination that will reveal some interesting common points.

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