Skin is the perfect ecosystem in which billions of microorganisms live and continuously interact with skin cells providing a safe environment capable of maintaining biodiversity. However, chronic exposure to UV rays, pollution and other substances negatively affects our skin microbiota. Preserving the diversity of skin microorganisms plays an important role in defending the organism against the activation of immune phenomena that trigger inflammation. The alteration of skin microbiota, known as dysbiosis, has been associated to exposome-induced damages manifesting as skin disorders and, it concurs to weak skin barrier integrity and consequent sensitivity.

Starting from a great innovation of Nature, ROELMI HPC has standardized and industrialized the production of a specific molecule by fermentation thereby obtaining a balancer of the skin microenvironment that allows an equilibrium of skin microbiota living in specific sites.

ÆCTive® (INCI: Ectoin) is a pure molecule, from a non-GMO bacterial strain, showing peculiar activity against strong environmental stresses. ROELMI HPC has transformed this extraordinary discovery for extremophilic bacteria into a unique product for cosmetic applications demonstrating through specific metagenomic tests that the ingredient is able to keep the skin microbiota in balance, ensuring the well-being of the skin.

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