September is one of the most beautiful months to visit Rome and the best time to attend the 11th Probiotics, Prebiotics & New Foods event which will take place place from 12 to 14 September 2021 at the prestigious Università Urbaniana in Rome.

The event focuses on bringing experts in the field together for three days of knowledge sharing and collaboration with different sessions revolving around the latest published research on the universe of the microbiome. From microbiome analysis and clinical application to next-generation microbial therapeutic: there are so many ideas and readings that will allow the audience to deepen the clinical effects of the most recent knowledge on the world of probiotics and prebiotics.

ROELMI HPC is glad to give its contribution to this inspiring stage with its wide selection of proprietary strains belonging to LactobacilliBifidobacteria and other species developed through cutting-edge bio-fermentation technology. Our Team will present the latest research studies focusing on our probiotic ingredient SynBalance® targeted woman health, gut-brain and gut-skin axis.

Save the date: 12 – 14 September 2021

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