ROELMI HPC is very proud to have been selected by the Symbola Foundation and the Enel Group, as one of the 100 Italian companies that represent the excellence of the circular economy.

100 stories of Circular economy tells the story of a vital made in Italy that looks at quality and innovation: from Food to Fashion, from packaging to mechanics, to electronics and chemistry. Italy is a superpower in the circular economy and has the highest recycling percentage of the total waste: 79,4% – double the European average (49%). The recovery of matter in the production cycles allows an annual saving equal to 23 million tonnes equivalent of oil and 63 million tonnes of CO2

Circularity in the use of resources is not new. It is the strategy that nature and the human species, since its appearance on earth, have refined to manage scarce resources efficiently. It is the strategy that our country, historically poor in raw materials, has adopted with intelligence to find the materials, to produce in the shadow of the bell towers, beautiful things that the world likes: from the rags of Prato, to the Brescia scrap, to the Lucca paper mills, there are numerous practices rooted in the territories that form the background of the Italian circular economy.

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