Fruity Sun Protection SPF30

A fast-absorbing, lightweight broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen dedicated for face and body and formulated to efficiently protect from sun exposure damages.

Fruity Sun Protection SPF302022-10-21T16:31:00+02:00

Coco Suncream SPF15

Formulated with physical UV filters, this sunscreen formula is characterized by a dry touch thanks to a pool of sustainable esters and it is a performing remedy in case of excessive sun exposure.

Coco Suncream SPF152022-10-21T16:28:29+02:00

Sun protection Stick SPF 30

Practical sun stick designed for a comfortable application with light and non-sticky texture. It creates an effective protective veil that defends the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays with a simple gesture.

Sun protection Stick SPF 302020-10-22T10:24:46+02:00

Lip treatment sunscreen SPF50

An hydrating and smoothing lip balm that offers color on your lips with lasting moisture and high sun protection.

Lip treatment sunscreen SPF502023-01-03T11:03:01+01:00

Super tanning dry oil

Ideal for an ultra-fast tropical tan. The oil is easily absorbed, non-greasy and can be applied to the face and protect the hair from sun. SFP 10.

Super tanning dry oil2023-01-03T11:03:04+01:00

Sun protective cream

Sun cream with a very high sun protection factor (SPF 50+), formulated to prevent the cellular damage from over exposure with particular attention to skin micro-enviroment.

Sun protective cream2023-01-03T11:03:30+01:00

Suncream lotion SPF 15

Sun protective milk for face and body with broad spectrum UVA-UVB filters for medium protection against sunburns and premature ageing.

Suncream lotion SPF 152023-01-03T11:03:31+01:00