Demi matte lipstick

Get a beautiful look for your lips in a flash with this highly-pigmented lipstick, for a classic demi-matte effect. Your lips are soft, elegant, and comfortable.

Demi matte lipstick2021-12-17T10:53:17+01:00

Crystal Gloss

A boasting sophisticated shine with an ultra-transparent texture for a comfortable wear. To be used alone or as a topcoat, for a vinyl effect.

Crystal Gloss2021-07-20T16:33:13+02:00

The classic lipstick

Intense color for a creamy and comfortable texture, that gives deep hydration to the lips.

The classic lipstick2021-04-12T10:54:34+02:00

Green Lip Glow

A natural gloss with a cushiony texture and moisturizing properties. It leaves lips soft, smooth, and anything but sticky. It covers the lips with shine, reflecting the light for a more plumped appearance.

Green Lip Glow2020-10-22T09:44:58+02:00

Diamond Lipstick

A precious lipstick with a rich and creamy texture, intense color and extreme brilliance. A long-wear formula that leaves your lips light and hydrated without drying them.

Diamond Lipstick2020-10-22T09:35:56+02:00

Touch of rose lipstick

Intense color lipstick with an ultra-creamy, non-drying texture that hydrates lips for ultimate comfort.

Touch of rose lipstick2019-10-22T10:55:10+02:00

Soft kiss lipstick

Dress your lips with this intense and long-wearing color. It brings lips soft, velvety and protected for all day long.

Soft kiss lipstick2019-10-22T10:54:01+02:00

Pure colour lipstick

This fuchsia lipstick dresses your lips up with unmistakable attitude. Its formula contains pigments that offer intense, long-wearing color with full coverage. It leaves your lips supple and protected with lasting comfort.

Pure colour lipstick2019-10-22T10:51:18+02:00

Pink inspiration

Thanks to this pastel lipstick, your lips will be moisturized and nourished while being ready for tons of kisses.

Pink inspiration2019-10-22T10:49:54+02:00

Madame tulip lipstick

This creamy lipstick locks in rich pigments, glides on effortlessly and delivers a soft finish in one stroke. Lips are left comfortable with non-drying texture.

Madame tulip lipstick2019-10-22T10:45:50+02:00