Kiss me, honey!

A shine and rich texture with a warm honey aroma for an intensive all day long lip treatment. This super nourishing cuddle softens, smooths, and helps protect lips from dryness, for visibly plump lips ready to get kissed.

Kiss me, honey!2023-03-28T08:48:22+02:00

A glass of balm

Color reviver lip balm with a comfortable texture, embellished with a scent of grapes. A daily formula for hydrated and sublimated lips that provides a hint red shade on your lips while replenishing the skin barrier.

A glass of balm2023-03-28T08:48:22+02:00

Cherry Bomb Lipbalm

An ultra-soft lip balm, enriched with a pool of sustainable emollients, that provides a red cherry shade on your lips while replenishing the skin barrier.

Cherry Bomb Lipbalm2022-10-21T16:02:51+02:00

Lipbalm mask

A lip balm that evolves into a precious leave-on mask that acts by deeply nourishing and plumping the lips. A real cosmetic treatment, the answer to all the needs of the lips, to smile from the first light of the morning

Lipbalm mask2022-06-16T09:09:36+02:00

Glossy Lip Treatment

Natural lip treatment able to guarantee absolute comfort, brilliance and a full volume effect. Formula enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate and Shea Butter for deep hydration all day long.

Glossy Lip Treatment2020-10-22T10:13:17+02:00

Lip Hydro Plump Treatment

A powerful moisturizing lip treatment designed to save dry and chapped lips for a soft, hydrated, and kissable effect. Something to rely on daily.

Lip Hydro Plump Treatment2020-06-16T11:18:47+02:00

Kiss my lips

The velvety smooth lip balm is claimed to condition, moisturize and protect your lips keep them soft ready to kiss.

Kiss my lips2020-02-13T16:51:13+01:00

Lip scrub balm

Get your lips ready for action with this lip scrub. Lips feel smooth, soft and conditioned. It’s gentle enough to use weekly, or whenever the mood strikes.

Lip scrub balm2023-01-03T11:03:19+01:00